About This Live Project

Working alongside Field Art, self proclaimed generalist Oliver Lowenstein and Sheffield City Council this is an exciting live project that combines research, engagement, design and potentially the building of a prototype for a eco-cycle stop as part of a feasibility for a redundant railway station building in Brightside, North Sheffield. – This is on the Sustrains Cycle Route and the project will frame and contextualise a Cycle Station and other facilities for Brightside.

Railway Paths are the owners of the site that is managed by the City Council. They are a company set up from British Rail Property - they own many of the closed railway lines often used for cycling and the Brightside Railway building. There are a number of interesting agendas for this project, which will also form a feasibility for a bigger project in the future.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

First Meeting

Live Project: Brightside Railway Station

First meeting today, the group primed and ready to go, well two of us at least. Not only was this our first meeting as a group, but we were also joined by Gillian and Lisa from FieldArt, who seemed to have speculative yet grand ideas, which we all felt was as good place as any to start from, and we all agreed there is a real want to do some different here, so it should make the next few weeks interesting, below are some of the points raised during the meeting, a bit vague at the moment but stay tuned for more.

• The meeting established the need to develop a brief, while considering input from the various parties involved, which reflects the requirements specific to the site, context, local community and end-users.
• It was envisaged that community involvement would take place following development of the brief and design exercises. Presentation of ideas would help to encourage dialogue.
• FieldArt tabled a draft project brief which was subsequently circulated.
• Thursdays (02.10.08) meeting was outlined, in which:
- People present may have little prior knowledge of this project.
- Students should present work from previous Live Projects to give a rough idea as to what
can be achieved.
- North Sheffield Conservation Trust will be present, who would eventually run any realized
• Railway Paths (part of Sheffield City Council) own the station site. This is to be confirmed following Thursdays meeting.
• Points to bear in mind:
- A work in progress meeting is arranged for Tuesday 21st October, 2pm, council offices,
Howden House.
- Student involvement culminates in a review/event on Thursday 6th/Friday 7th