About This Live Project

Working alongside Field Art, self proclaimed generalist Oliver Lowenstein and Sheffield City Council this is an exciting live project that combines research, engagement, design and potentially the building of a prototype for a eco-cycle stop as part of a feasibility for a redundant railway station building in Brightside, North Sheffield. – This is on the Sustrains Cycle Route and the project will frame and contextualise a Cycle Station and other facilities for Brightside.

Railway Paths are the owners of the site that is managed by the City Council. They are a company set up from British Rail Property - they own many of the closed railway lines often used for cycling and the Brightside Railway building. There are a number of interesting agendas for this project, which will also form a feasibility for a bigger project in the future.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Friday, 31 October 2008

Event Countdown....

The whole team has been busy this week preparing for the big event on November the 1st. The event is being run during saturday afternoon, where proposals for the future development of the Grange Lane Station site will be displayed. Following last weeks consultation at the school, several proposals have been developed and researched to a better standard, demonstrating a more specific strategy for the re-use of the building.

Tomorrow will see entertainment provided by 'Swamp Circus' and Field Art - who have arranged several small scale games. The event has been publicised across the whole community by both ourselves and the Field Art team in an effort to attract as many views and opinions on the proposals as possible. The aim of the event is to get feedback which will help us focus on 1 or 2 proposals for presentation to the Council at the end of the Live Project cycle, though a critique of the numerous other proposals will also be presented.

If you want to join us at the Event, come down to Grange Lane Station tomorrow between 2-4pm.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Site Team Walkabout

Most of the site team used Monday to explore the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) and tried to reach the site via public transport from the city centre. Ted explored the TPT around Meadowhall, Kieran and myself walked the trail to the site. We studied the meadow behind the building, the ground was very boggy and the whole site was enclosed by the stream, railway line and TPT. Following this we took a walk into Shiregreen in order to distribute posters to local business to advertise Saturdays event. We also visited any community facilities and took a look at the buildings in the area, which could possibly provide accommodation for the facilities we are proposing for our site. This included a large abandoned Methodist church.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Which Way Now?

Following the event at Beck School and further involvement of field art it became clearer what our role in overall project is. Field Art are taking the lead in organizing the event and we feel that our role should be geared more towards building proposals. Therefore it was discussed at a meeting that the three groups (events, proposals and awareness) approach to the project should be changed in order for us to produce work that is more useful to final outcome of the project. Therefore it was agreed that we would now form two teams, building proposals and site/research. This should allow us to create ideas about the use of the building and gain a greater knowledge on the site and community that we are designing around.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Beck School All Day Event!

With all preparations complete, it was time for action. The School had alowed us (The Live Project Team and Field Art) to set up in a through corridor so that we could talk to children and parents on the School's 'Review Day'. The aim of the event was to:

1: Explain our involvement in the area to members of the local community and to encourage an interest in our work

2: To invite them to our main event on Saturday 1st November

3: To ask their opinions about what they would like to see on the Station site if a project were to go ahead there.

With a steady stream of families throughout the day, and with many kids and adults expressing interest and great ideas of their own, all agreed that the day was a success.

Grrrrrr get off me jelly

Choices board, we asked people to choose which ideas they liked and would use, as well as coming up with their own ideas.
Cake decoration, two willing volunteers....

Nobody could resist the allure of the lurid...
The cake, prior to it's prompt demolition

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Display Board For School Event - Wed 22 Oct at Beck School

Handymen at work ....



yum yum!

jelly and scones... just finished making them for the consultation at beck's school tomorrow... i mean today!!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Cake Construction

School Event preparation: Grange Lane railway station shaped cake iced in the team colour constructed for the visit to Beck Primary school.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Friday Work

Fridays Work Site Pics, more clearing and poster pasting

Before After

Yan's car full of life after a hard days work-


Monday, 20 October 2008

Thursday Work

Thursdays site work pics.


More to follow from Friday.


Sunday, 19 October 2008

Friday On My Mind....

Friday (Continued)...

While some of were off in B&Q the rest of the team were really hard at work clearing the site up ready for the weekend, and in preparation for the consultations in the weeks ahead.

By the afternoon all of the group were hard at work, some clearing the site, others measuring up and cutting some timber we managed to salvage from a skip ready to board up holes in the brickwork.  Finally we pasted up the posters AM designed earlier in the week.

A few pics from my Phone... more to follow!


You Can Do It...


It's all go as the group divides into three main teams, to tackle each of the three key areas BW identified in our last post... Awareness, Proposals and Events.  First though, before the weekend, the team has some work to do on the Station Building.

Half of us went to B&Q to get important things like wallpaper paste and the most expensive plastic bag of all time (£3!!!).  Here we are with an action shot in B&Q...  (EF)

Divide and Conquer?

What can be achieved through this live project?

There are various elements, an abandoned railway station, a local artist group (Field art), a citywide cycle network, Sheffield city council, an idea about a linear nature reserve and a community that knows nothing about any of this. We have been asked to develop proposals for the building in order to support a funding application by the council. But outside this the live project could achieve more. The community is unaware of the cycle network that is on its doorstep. The building and the live project could begin to make this link. By working in three separate but interrelated teams (events, proposals and awareness) this link can be formed. The events team’s remit is to bring the community to the building and get the message out that Grange Lane actually exists. Proposals team will develop ideas about how the building could be used and will use the community events to gain feedback and ideas about what should be done with the site. The awareness team will concentrate on bringing the cycle network to the attention of the community. The diagram illustrates this way of working and shows the links each team is attempting to make. This is not set in stone and will change as the project goes on depending on how well each element works.


Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Today's meeting formalised the logo; and designed the 5 window infill panel for our "renovation" of Grange Lane station... we're still waiting for the go-ahead on whether we can add stuff to the building itself - phonecall tonight at 6:30pm for it to be confirmed...

Other breaking news... Alex has just ordered our t-shirts and next week's school consultation has been confirmed. Watch this space!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Cycle network illustrations

Part of this Live Project is to encourage cycling and use of the cycle path upon which the Grange Lane site is situated. The cycle path links into an extensive British network and even ties in to a European cycle network via seaports. These are some sheets we may use to raise awareness of this.

Field Art meeting - 14/10/08

Tuesday morning has become the regular Liveproject/Field Art group meeting time in which we discuss the development of the project.

Today, the student team outlined to the Field Art team the product of the monday evening meeting - in particular, the identification of the 3 directions of the project; namely raising the awareness of the building and T.P.T., conducting events and developing proposals as part of feasability study. Furthermore, it was suggested that Field Art's main role should be on developing/advertising the events as they have the pedigree in this field - not that there won't be any crossover (which we encourage).

The outlining of these 3 aspects of the live project development were followed by an individual presentation of ideas - not only for the future development of the building, but also for events and ways of raising awareness.

[I should mention that the previous tuesday (07/10/08), a time table had been established which set out the dates for consultations and future events. These include visits to 2 schools next week (thurs + fri - culminating in an event) and a trip to Meadowhall in order to raise awarness of the proximity of the T.P.T. and cycling as an alternative transport method. Therefore some of the sketch ideas that were presented address these specific obligations.]

One theme of the meeting was the immediate addressing of the building, and its context. The idea behind this was to create a visual change in the environment which would hopefully catalyse discussion between passers-by and reflect the fact something is indeed being done about the building itself. It was agreed that this was a quick and easy way to make an impact, and test out the treatment of the site, post clean-up.

We await input from Fran (Sheffield City Council) with regards to the extent and practicalities of this clean-up, but it has been agreed between ourselves and Jack at the Landscape Trust that an external tidy up of the site will be conducted - site 'tidy up' thurs 16th, 1pm+ confirmed!!

Field Art have taken our ideas on board and seen some of our event proposals. They are now going to go away and liase with schools and community groups, promoting the upcoming events/consultations. Meanwhile the liveproject team will focus on creating the objects for these.

Once our liveproject logo has been finalised, Field Art will integrate it into their designs for postcards/leaflets for distribution, allowing us to concentrate on site maintenance and the event installations themselves.

Now we just need some t-shirts....................

Star & Garter?

Meeting - 13/10/08
Well the 6th years are back......., dissertations (almost) complete. The meeting yesterday (mon 13th) was used to talk about proposal/ideas for the redevelopment of the Grange Lane station, and ways in which awareness of the live project could be raised. Just about everyone was present, and over a few beers each person went through their ideas for the scheme, highlighting ways in which the currently derelict station could be utilised to take advantage of the adjacent Trans Pennine Trail (TPT).

This was, as the Star and Garter location suggests, a relatively informal meeting, but gave everyone an opportunity to discuss ideas that had perhaps been perculating for a week now. One of the significant outcomes from the meeting was a distillation, or rather definition of what we, the Sheffield students, expected of the live project, and our role within it. Again this had been discussed in earlier meetings, but our meeting gave us the opportunity to clarify the overlying parts of the project, centred around the ideas of: Awarness/Events/Proposals - these in turn would respond to the 3 determining project factors:

Community - Grange Lane - T.P.T (network)
i.e raising community awarness of both the existing station building and its potential for integration with the existing T.P.T. Furthermore, it was established that our aim should be to incorporate these 3 aspects together in order to promote the idea of sustainability within the community.

With this in mind we discussed our ideas which included (here are as many as i can remember):
- outdoor classroom/theatre
- ecological education/activity centre
- cycle stop/workshops
- craft centre
- participatory approach to redevlopment of the building using sustainable (& reclaimed) building materials/techniques as an education/awareness tool
- a community centre which facilates a varying program of events/installations (eg. a sauna), which could change on a monthly/6 monthly basis
- arts centre - again utilising the location itself as a source of inspiration/materials - the creation of soundscapes to raise awareness of the environment etc.
There were other ideas too & from this point of view, our proposals (for the eventual use of the building) are seen as satisfying, or contributing to a feasability report which will be used to gain future funding for the site.

Of course, live projects are very much about community involvement, and as part of any feasability study, we are intending to gain input from local schools and community groups as to the future of the site - unfortunately, anonymous as it is to the local community at large, awareness of the potential for the site has to be raised, and we agreed that this was essential to the development of our live project.

Indeed, ideas to address the issue of 'awareness' were also discussed, illustrating possible ways we could get people interested/talking about the project - these ranged from a simple 'making good' of the site (tidying it up/highlighting something was going on) to mobile consultation devices and stealth poster campaigns.

Indeed, we have a lot to do and a lot to think about!! Another pint please......

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Off to a good start....

Corrections already.... shocking, after initial research it would appear that Brightside Railway station has grown and been transported about two and a half miles down the road towards Meadowhall. The station which we have the pleasure of working on is in fact a double track derelict station near Shire Green, which was abandoned in 1953 called Grange Lane station, not the five track industrial behemoth situated on route to Meadowhall which was abandoned in the mid 90's, so apology's for the confusion.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

First Meeting

Live Project: Brightside Railway Station

First meeting today, the group primed and ready to go, well two of us at least. Not only was this our first meeting as a group, but we were also joined by Gillian and Lisa from FieldArt, who seemed to have speculative yet grand ideas, which we all felt was as good place as any to start from, and we all agreed there is a real want to do some different here, so it should make the next few weeks interesting, below are some of the points raised during the meeting, a bit vague at the moment but stay tuned for more.

• The meeting established the need to develop a brief, while considering input from the various parties involved, which reflects the requirements specific to the site, context, local community and end-users.
• It was envisaged that community involvement would take place following development of the brief and design exercises. Presentation of ideas would help to encourage dialogue.
• FieldArt tabled a draft project brief which was subsequently circulated.
• Thursdays (02.10.08) meeting was outlined, in which:
- People present may have little prior knowledge of this project.
- Students should present work from previous Live Projects to give a rough idea as to what
can be achieved.
- North Sheffield Conservation Trust will be present, who would eventually run any realized
• Railway Paths (part of Sheffield City Council) own the station site. This is to be confirmed following Thursdays meeting.
• Points to bear in mind:
- A work in progress meeting is arranged for Tuesday 21st October, 2pm, council offices,
Howden House.
- Student involvement culminates in a review/event on Thursday 6th/Friday 7th