About This Live Project

Working alongside Field Art, self proclaimed generalist Oliver Lowenstein and Sheffield City Council this is an exciting live project that combines research, engagement, design and potentially the building of a prototype for a eco-cycle stop as part of a feasibility for a redundant railway station building in Brightside, North Sheffield. – This is on the Sustrains Cycle Route and the project will frame and contextualise a Cycle Station and other facilities for Brightside.

Railway Paths are the owners of the site that is managed by the City Council. They are a company set up from British Rail Property - they own many of the closed railway lines often used for cycling and the Brightside Railway building. There are a number of interesting agendas for this project, which will also form a feasibility for a bigger project in the future.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Site Team Walkabout

Most of the site team used Monday to explore the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) and tried to reach the site via public transport from the city centre. Ted explored the TPT around Meadowhall, Kieran and myself walked the trail to the site. We studied the meadow behind the building, the ground was very boggy and the whole site was enclosed by the stream, railway line and TPT. Following this we took a walk into Shiregreen in order to distribute posters to local business to advertise Saturdays event. We also visited any community facilities and took a look at the buildings in the area, which could possibly provide accommodation for the facilities we are proposing for our site. This included a large abandoned Methodist church.

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