About This Live Project

Working alongside Field Art, self proclaimed generalist Oliver Lowenstein and Sheffield City Council this is an exciting live project that combines research, engagement, design and potentially the building of a prototype for a eco-cycle stop as part of a feasibility for a redundant railway station building in Brightside, North Sheffield. – This is on the Sustrains Cycle Route and the project will frame and contextualise a Cycle Station and other facilities for Brightside.

Railway Paths are the owners of the site that is managed by the City Council. They are a company set up from British Rail Property - they own many of the closed railway lines often used for cycling and the Brightside Railway building. There are a number of interesting agendas for this project, which will also form a feasibility for a bigger project in the future.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Event Countdown....

The whole team has been busy this week preparing for the big event on November the 1st. The event is being run during saturday afternoon, where proposals for the future development of the Grange Lane Station site will be displayed. Following last weeks consultation at the school, several proposals have been developed and researched to a better standard, demonstrating a more specific strategy for the re-use of the building.

Tomorrow will see entertainment provided by 'Swamp Circus' and Field Art - who have arranged several small scale games. The event has been publicised across the whole community by both ourselves and the Field Art team in an effort to attract as many views and opinions on the proposals as possible. The aim of the event is to get feedback which will help us focus on 1 or 2 proposals for presentation to the Council at the end of the Live Project cycle, though a critique of the numerous other proposals will also be presented.

If you want to join us at the Event, come down to Grange Lane Station tomorrow between 2-4pm.

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