About This Live Project

Working alongside Field Art, self proclaimed generalist Oliver Lowenstein and Sheffield City Council this is an exciting live project that combines research, engagement, design and potentially the building of a prototype for a eco-cycle stop as part of a feasibility for a redundant railway station building in Brightside, North Sheffield. – This is on the Sustrains Cycle Route and the project will frame and contextualise a Cycle Station and other facilities for Brightside.

Railway Paths are the owners of the site that is managed by the City Council. They are a company set up from British Rail Property - they own many of the closed railway lines often used for cycling and the Brightside Railway building. There are a number of interesting agendas for this project, which will also form a feasibility for a bigger project in the future.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Inspiration behind my new song "Girl

How many times have you heard, or said the words, “Mama’s going out tonight?” Now there are lots of different mama’s out there (lil mamas, hot mamas etc) But in this case, I’m talking about the type of Mama who may also be referred to as Mommy, Mom, or as I like to call my own mother, (In a high whiney voice) Maaaaaamaaaaaa!!! Lol Now that we’re clear, lemme tell you why I bring that up. It all started on a cool Friday evening, while in the liquor store. (please don’t judge me lol) I was scanning the fridges to see what might be my pleasure for my own well deserved night out, when I said to myself in a half laugh- “Mama’s goin out tonight!” At that moment I began singing that phrase over and over because it started to have a nice ring to it.. “Mama’s going out tonight….yeah… Mama’s goin out tonight!” And in that scummy old, run down (but reliable) liquor store became the birth place of my new single entitled “Girls Night”. The song is about how every mom needs some time to herself, without any kids, husbands, bosses, or anyone else who sucks the life out of you…(lol..jk husbands) Now I’m not glorifying moms steppin out every night, or using diaper money for drinks in the bar. I am simply taking a stand for all those hardworking, trustworthy reliable women who do their very best to care for their family. I truly believe that every now and then mothers should take some time and do something for themselves… “Dinner with the girls, or a night on the town....Get ya grown and sexy on… NO KIDS ALLOWED”

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